Bali, Indonesia – A Photo Series


  MBSB contributor Charles Brandon Stauft's recent piece on the Indonesian martial art Silat inspired me to look into my archives and pull out some photos I shot while in Indonesia.  I believe I spent approximately three weeks in Indonesia; the following photographs were taken while in Bali.    In 2009 I received a message from a friend from Toronto. He was hanging out on the beaches of Bali with people he had met there. At the time I was living in Bangkok spending most of my days training muay thai at Chuwattana Gym and recovering from training alone in my room. No internet, no furniture (I slept on a mat), no air-conditioning and I shared a bathroom with two Thai … [Read more...]

The Montreal Jazz Saints – A Photo Series


  The following photos were taken somewhere along rue Sainte-Catherine / Saint Catherine Street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.   A last minute invite to Montreal resulted in much time to wander Montreal's streets, appreciate the street art and feel the city. More photos of Montreal may be found in an earlier posted Montreal photo series.   The following images struck me. They were found in a dirty alleyway, along the side of a building I forgot to identify. If you know where they may be found, please let us know!   In the meantime, enjoy the Jazz Saints of … [Read more...]

Montreal In A Day – A Photo Series


  Spur of the moment invites have the power to entice me. Riding the wave of the present, accepting life as it is and jumping on opportunities that sit right within. That's how I found myself in Montreal this past week.   Here are photos of my first 24 - 26 hours there. For additional photos, please check my Montreal Jazz Saints photo … [Read more...]

Photo Series: Canadian Autumn

Memorial Park Windsor 2

  Optimist Memorial Park in Windsor, Ontario, Canada was the scene of many bush parties back when I was an under-aged teenager who couldn't sneak into bars.  Loads of us would meet somewhere within and party until it was time to go home or the police would break it up. Sometimes it was friends from highschool who put the word out there was a party; sometimes it'd be people from another school. Either way, it was a spot where we could have a good time and you never know who you may meet there. I have no idea what goes on there now, but visiting the park always brings back fond memories.   Optimist Memorial Park, originally named Senator Kennedy Park, was first established … [Read more...]

The African Cypher. Street Dance Culture Of South Africa.

The African Cypher 2

  "I dance as if I have a gun to my head." -Mada Sthembiso   The African Cypher; a documentary by Bryan Little.   From the film's Vimeo page:   The African Cypher is the birthplace of ritual celebration, council, story telling and dance.   Street dance in South Africa is a complex, convoluted underworld; that, like most sub-cultures, exists as a sum of its participants.  In Mapetla, Soweto if you steal phones and hand bags you will not live long. The community will kill you. If you do a heist, they will tell the police you are not there. Prince tells me this as we walk back to Mada’s place from the shisanyama. (an informal outdoor fire where you can buy … [Read more...]