Korat Hotel Review – Sripattana Hotel


    I needed to find a hotel with a swimming pool in Korat (Khorat) city. This took my search results down from a hundred to just a handful. I was also working on a pretty tight budget as well which directed me to the Sripattana Hotel.   Every ninety days I am required to make my way down to Thai immigration  to ‘check-in’. Although married to a Thai national, this is still a process. I must complete whether I'm here on a marriage visa or with a work permit.   As a family we try to make the most of these trips and will usually spend the night in Korat. Korat is the closest immigration check point to us, and is about a two hour drive from home. The … [Read more...]

The Switzerland of Northeast Thailand: Wang Nam Kaew


    We ended up in Wang Nam Kaew on a whim. Initially we were planning a trip to Khao Yai, Thailand’s largest national park, and while I was looking for affordable, high-quality accommodation I came across Nicslongstay. It appeared to be exactly what we were looking for.   Wang Nam Kaew is a district in Nakhonratchasima Province and is situated between two national parks: Khao Yai and Thap Lan. Wang Nam Kaew is guarded from development due to the fact that the national parks are protected land and you can only access the area by passing through a mountainous range.   We arrived during the week; the area is slow moving but I’m told during the weekends … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Help You Book A Hotel, Guesthouse, Or Resort In Thailand

Vasidtee City Hotel, Suphanburi, Thailand

    1. Book Ahead Through Agoda   Agoda is widely used throughout Thailand. You'll find Thai hotels, guesthouses and resorts that aren't advertised on other English language booking sites.     2. Read A Lot Of Reviews   Ideally locate independent blogs that have reviewed the hotel / guesthouse / resort you're interested in. Typically they're more in-depth and include photos of the establishment's current amenities (not promo pics that may be a decade old, or Photoshopped).     3. Understand Thai Transliteration Inconsistencies   Many cities share the same name as the province they reside in. Should this be … [Read more...]

Hotel Review: San Juan Surf Resort, San Juan, La Union, Philippines


    The San Juan Surf Resort was the first establishment that emerged on Urbiztondo Beach, in San Juan, La Union. Currently it stands as a fully functioning resort equipped with a wide selection of accommodations, free WiFi, a restaurant, a surf school and surf shop.   The Rooms   I stayed at the resort on two separate occasions, initially sharing a room with two other people and later in a smaller room alone. The larger room was equipped with four beds / two sets of bunk beds and aircon; the smaller with a double bed and a mounted fan. Both rooms had television. Neither offered hot water. Although the smaller room lacked a window, the high vaulted … [Read more...]


lola-nannys-San Juan-La Union-Philippines-hotel

  Located steps from the sea along Urbiztondo beach, Lola Nanny's offers accommodation for the guest on a budget. At time of writing, a basic rooms with a fan, shared lavatories and an outdoor (no privacy) shower begin at 500 PHP (11.70 USD) at time of writing. Rooftop bungalows, meaning a bamboo thatched personal hut located on the roof of the main building begin at 400 PHP (9.36 USD). Rooms with aircon and private bathrooms are also available.   I rented a 500 PHP room for one night. Basic? Definitely. Clean? No complaints. This includes the shared facilities.         Lola Nanny's Bonus Points   1. The food. Worth … [Read more...]