Things To Do In Windsor – A Guide For People Who Hate Malls


    I grew up in the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and from the time I was somewhere between twelve and fourteen years old I was intent on getting out. Windsor was a dusty, grey hole - its only redeeming factor was that it bordered Detroit, Michigan, USA. That says a lot, as at that time in history I believe Detroit was the murder capital of the U.S. Back then, I thought, "Well, at least Detroit's interesting. And has great bands". Windsor had air that tasted like fertilizer and various Tim Horton's littered throughout the city.   It took a decade or two for me to realize the incredible in Windsor. I grasped this mostly while away. For a city of a little over … [Read more...]

How To Avoid MSG In Thailand


Eating MSG free in Thailand can be a difficult task.  Most restaurants  and vendors use it and deciding to cook for yourself can prove to be additionally difficult as most sauces and condiments contain the additive. Few labels list ingredients in English.  The following is the result of years of trying to not be poisoned and often not succeeding.   Some pointers:   In The Grocery Store   Assume anything savory contains MSG. Should a food label list ingredients in English, any ambiguous word for flavouring added should be assumed to include MSG. When in doubt, the safest course of action is to only buy savory products (i.e. sauces, potato chips, shredded pork, nori) … [Read more...]

Make Thai Sticky Rice The Painless Way


  Craving the Kao Niaow a.k.a. sticky rice you relished in Thailand?   Perhaps you've never tried it but know as the cold weather approaches you'll be driven by food lust for the rich, starchy and addictive?   Kao Niaw / sticky rice is a staple in Thailand, particularly in the North Eastern region of Isaan. While living in Buriram, I enjoyed it often. Traditionally, Thai sticky rice is steamed in a cone-shaped woven bamboo basket and an aluminum pot (specifically made for preparing the rice).  The consistency is dense; the rice is meant to be eaten with your hands and, as I was told in Thailand,  it's perfect for labourers. Sticky rice can be eaten in the fields … [Read more...]



    Although not easy, particularly when one ventures out of cities heavily trafficked by Foreigners, eating both vegan and vegetarian are possible in Thailand. The following refers to traditional Thai food and culture, not Western restaurants. Often the latter will employ English speaking staff which will render your request of omitting ingredients much simpler should there be no available options on the menu.   Traditionally Thai food doesn't contain dairy, this includes desserts. Dairy is usually consumed as sterilized milk, yogurt, ice cream and other forms of Western confectionery (i.e. chocolate).   From my experience, your average roadside … [Read more...]



  Opposite the Sebay Resort and resting on the McArthur Highway in the Urbiztondo beach stretch lies Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat; a warmly lit, engaging restaurant owned by an equally warm and engaging couple.         The menu is varied, the food is fresh and if you're in search of large portions of vegetables, which can be a challenge in The Philippines, this is your spot. I tried a number of dishes on the menu, my favourite being the Blue Marlin Kilawen. In short, the food doesn't disappoint. My only complaint being that I wish I had ventured there sooner.             Have … [Read more...]