Photos Of Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, Havana


  The following is the last of a series of posts on Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym. Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym (Rafael Trejo Gimnasio al Aire Libre) is, from my understanding, the oldest Western boxing gym in Havana, Cuba.  Rafael Trejo was a Cuban who was murdered by police in 1930 during a student protest against the Machado government. Rafael Trejo, a law school student president, became a martyr and a hero for the Castro regime.  (Source.) The gym is named in his honour.   I only spent two days and no nights in Havana. Finding the gym was my main focus. I had arrived in Havana years earlier, in 2006, to source out a boxing gym to train at. I didn't find one. In 2013, I … [Read more...]

Boxing In Cuba – Training At Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, Havana


My first impression of Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym (Rafael Trejo Gimnasio al Aire Libre) was that it was beautiful. The pockets in the plaster walls, the cracks in the concrete floor and the shots of red running throughout created warmth within my body. The ring, surrounded by stadium seating on two sides and bags on another, was well maintained. A slight breeze moved within the gym. Air flow. All of this made Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym a desireable location to train.   I arrived to find the gym empty but for one woman. I wasn't prepared to train; I made the trip that day from Jibacoa to Havana with two friends, a tour guide and a private driver. I was there to see the facilities, … [Read more...]

Full Circle Cuba – Returning To The Roots Of My Nomadic Life.


  Four days ago sand filtered between my toes in Jibacoa, Cuba. Nine days ago lightening hit and blasted my ears in a boxing ring in Havana. Eleven days ago I said good-bye to my roommate in Toronto's Bloor West Village. Today I'm writing you from a new Toronto neighbourhood. A new home. A new landscape to dig deep into.   It seems fitting that dancehall from a parked car mingles with the clicking of the keyboard as I write you. Tasting the sunshine in a downtown lush backyard is a rare event for me in Toronto. Over ten years of my life spent here within the past fifteen and this feels decadent.   The decision to travel to Cuba was spontaneous. An invite from a … [Read more...]



        I recently came wise to the following piece from HBO and it guts me every time I view it.   The strength of will and the perceived humility of the protagonist, the boxer, whom many may view this piece is about. I see that, but what hits me just as hard, is this man's trainer. His belief in what and in this case, whom others may view as obsolete, a waste of time and effort. The trainer could have taken the other man's money, patronized him, led him to believe he had his back when he didn't, but he chose not to. Check the neighbourhood the gym is in. He could have assumed the would be boxer to be a junkie, a hustler and chased him out of … [Read more...]



    "I'm not looking for sympathy, just to be looked as a man on the mission; a man who never gave up, and because of that, his dream is now coming true." -Dewey Bozella   Dewey Bozella served twenty-six years in Sing Sing for a murder he didn't commit. As the years faded in prison, knowing he could appeal for a lesser sentence by lying and admitting to the crime, Dewey refused to submit. Confessing to the murder of a ninety-two year old woman wasn't an option. His intergrity was of too much value.   It was in Sing Sing that Dewey found boxing.   On October 15, after living two years as a free man, Dewey will step into the ring to meet thirty … [Read more...]