STYLE WARS: The New York Hip Hop + Graff Doc 1982


Created by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant between 1981 and 1982, STYLE WARS captured New York’s emerging street culture.



The original piece, shot for Public Television utilized 69 minutes of the original 30 hours of footage. Over the decades the footage became damaged and faded in storage. In December 2011 restoration was financed. Expect to see a DVD box set of all the outtakes and unused footage made available.


More info on the STYLE WARS site here.


In the meantime, the original…




STYLE WARS: The New York Hip Hop + Graff Doc 1982

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  1. The BBoy culture is so damn awesome. I think Bruce Lee can attest that it fits under the ‘Art of Fighting without Fighting’. People showcase their skills as well as their finesse when they move on beat. It is a melting pot of kinesiology, innovation, dopeness, raw funk or break beats.

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