Source: Statements In Fashion
Source: Statements In Fashion

“I began to see beauty in the ugliness.”

– Tyree Guyton, from Come Unto Me:  The Faces of Tyree Guyton, 1999



Commencing in 1986, The Heidelberg Project is Detroit native Tyree Guyton’s brain x soul child.


A once forgotten slick of tar in a neighbourhood left to die, Heidelberg St. has become an entity unto itself.


Heart + Engagement / Urban Decay  =  Heidelberg / Beauty.







I thought The Heidelberg Project was dismantled and laid to rest years ago due to complaints and enforcement of a Detroit city bylaw regarding public trash. I was happy to read via Dangerous Minds that I was mistaken. (Thanks to Danny Rollingstone for the link).


Check out The Heidelberg Project and Tyree Guyton here.


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