Urbitztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, The Philippines, 2012


Located steps from the sea along Urbiztondo beach, Lola Nanny’s offers accommodation for the guest on a budget. At time of writing, a basic rooms with a fan, shared lavatories and an outdoor (no privacy) shower begin at 500 PHP (11.70 USD) at time of writing. Rooftop bungalows, meaning a bamboo thatched personal hut located on the roof of the main building begin at 400 PHP (9.36 USD). Rooms with aircon and private bathrooms are also available.


I rented a 500 PHP room for one night. Basic? Definitely. Clean? No complaints. This includes the shared facilities.


Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, The Philippines, 2012


Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, The Philippines, 2012


Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, The Philippines, 2012


Lola Nanny’s Bonus Points


1. The food. Worth the trip over from another resort (and MSG free).


2. The warmth of the staff.


Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union, The Philippines, 2012


 Would I Go Back?


I would, although Lola Nanny’s wouldn’t be my first choice along the Urbiztondo stretch.


Have you stayed at Lola Nanny’s? If you have, please tell us about it!


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  1. says

    hi aubreygraze – i’m sorry but i don’t have lola nanny’s contact number. most people i know who stayed there booked upon arrival, so that is a possibility should you not be able to locate the number. have a great trip!

  2. nats says

    Hi, Planning to go next month to La Union. Is Lola Nanny’s ver near San Juan Surf Resort? How long does it take to walk from San Juan Surf Resort? Or what is the nearest San Juan Surf Resort? My sister is staying there but they are fully booked. We are wanting to check in at the nearest resort near it, one that’s walking distance and not so expensive. Hope you can help. Thanks! :)

  3. says

    hi nats. lola nanny’s is a short walk from san juan surf resort (i.e. a few minutes walk along the beach). they’re really close to one another, just not side by side. enjoy your time in san juan!

  4. Alvin says

    me and my friends are already booked this friday.. are you the owner of the resort? Cant wait to hit the beach..

  5. James .L.Basconcillo says

    can u pls.send me the mobile no.of lola nanny’s resort pls.thnks a lot……..

  6. james basconcillo says

    Hi good morning I want to book 2pax on the day of June 24,2014……I just choosed this resort coz it’s really a cheap price I arrive there on 24 evening so pls.can you send me the total price for that………many thnks James

  7. Lynn Cappal says

    Hi Laura,

    Can we reservation room for 1 room and 2 guests on April 1-3? We can pay cash when arrival.


    Lynn Cappal

  8. Chris says

    hi Laura,

    I’m planning to go to San Juan this weekend, do you think this resort offers a Whole Day Accommodation only? as we are not going to spend the night there. Probably 8AM to 5PM, or something like that. :)


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