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How to Travel around Buriram including a Buriram Map

  Buriram remains an off the beaten path travel destination for foreign travelers despite its growing popularity amongst Thai tourists.  What was once a city associated with negative connotations (I remember my Lonely Planet guide from 2006 advising tourist not to waste their time on Buriram), has evolved into an incredible spot for tourists to experience North Eastern culture, while … Continue Reading

The Nomadic Life



    Conveniently located across from the Suphanburi bus station, I arrived on a whim. The bus I was hoping to catch to Kanchanaburi had stopped running and I needed a convenient place to crash for the night. The Vasidtee City Hotel was a treat. From the moment I walked in until the moment I […]



      The Rabiangmuk Hotel is a fairly new addition to the city of Mukdahan and I was happy to know of it, as I made my way into the city long after its citizens seemed to retire the night of my initial stay. The attendant was incredibly polite and friendly and quickly showed […]

The Martial Life


Jose Palacios On The Fight Game And His Upcoming Bout Vs Nick Chasteen

    When I’m focused…I’m there. I’m just there. Move, breathe. There it is. -Jose Palacios   In-fighting styles make fights, and with the upcoming bout between Jose Palacios and Nick Chasteen at Lion Fight 18, fans will be getting exactly that. The younger, less experienced Chasteen, coming off a bullying loss to Pedro Gonzalez […]


The Boxer’s Soliloquy – An Interview With Author Matt Lucas

    Matt has hit the nail squarely on the head with his depictions of the life of a foreign fighter in Thailand, writing with an authenticity that could only come from someone that has experienced it first hand. It makes for a very engaging and entertaining read! -Rob Cox, Muay Thai Focus   American […]

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Phanom Rung Historical Park, Thailand

    About Phanom Rung   Phanom Rung Historical Park is located in Buriram Province in the Chalerm Prakiat District and the Tapek Sub-District.  The sandstone and laterite Hindu temple dates back to the 10th to 13th centuries. The temple was originally dedicated to Shiva and built by the Khmers. Phanom Rung houses the largest and best restored Khmer monument in Thailand; … Continue Reading