The Mutation Of Muay Thai In Isaan

    “Sham is fighting the main event at Buriram iMobile Stadium,” Mr. Dit, owner and head trainer of Giatbundit Gym, announces with a laugh.   “Just like that, main event. Only one fight, main event…”   He continues rambling on, mostly to himself.   Giatbundit Gym began accepting foreigners just this past February and […]

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Sean Fagan On Fighting, Training In Thailand And His Site, Muay Thai Guy

    Sean Fagan is no stranger to the world of Muay Thai. Having taken several trips to Thailand to train and fight along with hosting the popular website Muay Thai Guy Sean has immersed himself in the sport. Hailing out of upstate New York he has had over 20 amateur fights and is making […]


Gentleman’s House Barber Shop and Cocktail Bar – Proponents of Change in Russia

    The following is a guest post by Nick Harbison. Nick was previously featured on MBSB discussing his transcontinental motorcycle trip.   The Gentleman’s House Barber Shop, Irkutsk, in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, opened earlier this year. I ducked in for a shave and a drink and ended up chatting with owner Nikita […]


An Interview With American Muay Thai Veteran Bryan Popejoy

    I’m becoming like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, a crumedgony old man. I don’t have time for people that don’t put in the effort themselves. -Bryan Popejoy   Spread out in the vastness of Torrance, California (population 147,000) are seemingly endless strip malls and chain stores. Driving through the suburban desolation is to […]


The Soft Spoken Words of a Transgender Fighter

    We were stopped at a red light in Phi Mai waiting to turn right when a motorcycle pulled up next to us and knocked on our window. I recognized the two guys from Rot-Duan’s last fight in Khorat; they were in the corner. They pointed right and we followed them outside of the […]


Beatty, Gateway to Death Valley: The Death Valley Nut & Candy Company

    Part 2   The Death Valley Nut & Candy Company   After catching up with Lindsey and Jacob for the last hour in Lindsey’s Beatty trailer, she asks us what Beatty attractions we’re planning to visit today.   “Hot springs, brothel, Rhyolite…” I start listing. “But I need some candy first.”   “Eddie […]


Coach Rudi Ott On Building Fighters and Muay Thai In America

    Sometimes you push someone too hard and they run away and you never see them again, sometimes you break them, every once in a while it’s like crushing a rock into a diamond. You crush and crush and a person is transformed through the pressure. -Rudi Ott   In 2005 Rudi Ott opened […]


The Side Bet

    Awhile back I took MBSB correspondent Lindsey Newhall  to some fights in Mahasarakham province. We left in the gym’s pick up truck after dinner and arrived to see there would be 25 fights that night. In the end, we didn’t arrive home until the monks had begun their morning chants around 5AM.   […]


Giabundit Gym Muay Thai Shorts Now Available

    Giabundit Gym, in association with Monster Muay Thai, have released a series of muay thai shorts in support of Giabundit Gym in Buriram, Thailand.  100% of the proceeds will go to Giabundit Gym’s efforts to build a muay thai ring for training.   The Details:   The ring, featured in the video below, […]


Jose Palacios On The Fight Game And His Upcoming Bout Vs Nick Chasteen

    When I’m focused…I’m there. I’m just there. Move, breathe. There it is. -Jose Palacios   In-fighting styles make fights, and with the upcoming bout between Jose Palacios and Nick Chasteen at Lion Fight 18, fans will be getting exactly that. The younger, less experienced Chasteen, coming off a bullying loss to Pedro Gonzalez […]


The Boxer’s Soliloquy – An Interview With Author Matt Lucas

    Matt has hit the nail squarely on the head with his depictions of the life of a foreign fighter in Thailand, writing with an authenticity that could only come from someone that has experienced it first hand. It makes for a very engaging and entertaining read! -Rob Cox, Muay Thai Focus   American […]