The Pep Talk – Fight In Order To Live (Sôo pêua chee-wít สู้เพื่อชีวิต)

  “Don’t train hard because I tell you. Train hard for the benefit of yourself. You must do it for yourself, not because of me, because of you. If you do it for me you wont be successful.” -Mr. Dit, owner and head trainer at Giatbundit Gym, Buriram   The southwest monsoons had arrived in […]

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ajahn suchart muay thai fight

On Traditional Muay Thai – The Teachings of Ajahn Suchart

  “Muay Thai is not only a sport but it is a philosophy and an art that is deeply entrenched in history.” -Ajahn Suchart, from his entry ‘Naming A Muay Thai Camp Or Gym’   Earlier this year, Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai began sharing his teachings of muay thai publicly on his blog. Born in the […]

nick harbison in russia

Two Men. Two Bikes. Two Continents – The Motorcycle Ride To Help Street Kids In Mongolia

  By the time you’re reading this, Australian pilots Nick Harbison and Dominic Prezwanski will be somewhere along their 18,757km (approx. 11,655mi) plus motorcycle ride from Vladivostok, one of the Easternmost ports of Russia to London, England. Travelling on two BMW F650GS Dakars, Nick and Dom’s transcontinental motorcycle ride is estimated to take approximately four […]


The Perils Of Dating Your Trainer: Fighting Muay Thai Or The Relationship?

PART 5   FEBRUARY 2014   “You don’t care enough,” Gong continues. “All you want to do during training is play cartwheel kicks with Glai. You train Muay Thai but you’re the worst one at the gym!”   “Okay Gong, maybe I’m the worst at our gym, but do you really think I couldn’t win […]


How The Coup Affected Us— A Little Muay Thai Gym In Buriram, Thailand

  I had been watching Senrak cut weight for 4 days now. It was painful. He didn’t have that much weight to cut it was more so the way in which he was doing it; run, sweat suit, repeat. The weather at this particular time was also quite vehement; not such much the heat but […]


A Typical Day in Issan

  I woke up this morning very excited; one because I didn’t have to go to work, and two because Mr. Dit was taking me to interview Rotduan Sit. Seeanbreeak who is a professional Muay Thai fighter that identifies as a ladyboy. I first saw them fight in March of this year, Rotduan Sit. Seeanbreeak […]


The Perils Of Dating Your Trainer: Entering A Romantic Relationship

    PART 3   SEPTEMBER 2013   It’s been exactly two weeks since Gong and I kissed in his room. Much to my utter relief, he has continued to train me well as before. In fact, he’s been so normal and non-flirtatious with me the last two weeks that I’m starting to think what […]


Behind The Scenes Of ‘At My Door’ By Glenn Love. A Video That I Was In.

  Shooting Canadian industrial / dark electronic artist Glenn Love‘s At My Door video was an interesting exercise in creativity.   The idea was Dyno Mike’s of Mikey Brand Productions.  He proposed that we work together to create a music video based in surrealism.  We weren’t certain what Glenn’s lyrics meant but the two of us […]


Annihilation Of The Self In Muay Thai

  The following is a guest post written by Cate Gurevich who is currently living and training muay thai in Thailand.   One of my favourite films is Kill Bill, because secretly I am a sixteen year old boy. I love almost every part of the films, even though I know almost every part is […]