How To Travel To Phutthaisong, Buriram

    Anyone training Muay Thai will typically choose, Bangkok, Pattaya, Chang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin or places close by for their training; Isaan is somewhere not many Westerners will venture due to it being fairly unknown. This is now a very easy trip for me, having travelled many times to Isaan to train, fight […]

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How To Find An Authentic Silat Teacher

    So, you have seen The Raid or The Raid 2: Redemption and want to learn the deadly weapon-based martial art of Pencak Silat (pen-cha’ see-lot). Or, you have found videos of cool takedowns and techniques from one of the many silat teachers on YouTube. Now, you want to find a teacher near you […]


On Pushing Boundaries And Muay Thai In Phuket With Sumalee Boxing Gym Owner Lynne Miller

    In Thailand it is very easy to be seduced by the apparent freedom here.  Falling into this trap has smashed the dreams of many aspirant young fighters.  It’s hard to resist but to do so is the only path to success. -Lynne Miller   Sumalee Boxing Gym owner and Managing Director Dr. Lynne […]


Sit Phanom + Wor Watthana’s First Muay Thai Fight As A Gym

    “Mali, where are you?”   “I’m at work.”  As I am every day, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.    “Do you have any fighters yet?”   “Yes!  They are really new the gym just opened last…”   “Yeah, I know, I know.  Come see me at the temple.  Write their names on […]


Muay Thai Grading in South Korea

    Part 1   Muay Thai Grading in Korea Explained     “They are ready for their first grading test,” my fiancé, owner and Head Trainer of K Club, Okbae Moon says in a decisive low voice, cocking his head towards the group of teenage boys trading playful punches at one another in the […]


How To Do A Thai Visa Run To Poi Pet, Cambodia

    Your allotted time in Thailand is coming to an end. But like most foreigners who visit the Land of Smiles you’re not ready to leave just yet. Assuming you want to stay, you know you have to do a visa run, but which method do you choose?   Do you hire an agency […]


Starting From Nothing, Training On The Ground And Building A Muay Thai Gym

    A Muay Thai gym in rural Thailand can change a child’s life. This is particularly true in Thailand’s North East region of Isaan which is home to some of the country’s poorest families. In such communities, Muay Thai offers an option for the children who have few. A Muay Thai gym in a […]

Jacob Klensin Portrait

Capturing The Root And Soul Of Muay Thai With Jacob Klensin

    I realized that I was seeing things that should be shared, and when I found myself learning how to do that properly, and feeling like I was good at it, I never stopped. -Jacob Klensin   Through his detailed and emotive work, Jacob Klensin allows us all a deeper peak into the world […]


Unraveling The Mystery Behind Sinbi Taewoong

    Tracing The Little-known Korean Roots Of A Thai Fighter   Even the most seasoned Muay Thai practitioners I know shoot me confused or disbelieving looks whenever I tell them that Thopadak Wanchalerm runs one of the biggest and most successful Muay Thai gyms in Phuket. However, their eyes quickly light up with recognition […]


Spirituality and Mysticism in Indonesian Martial Arts

    About six or seven years ago, I was waiting for my turn to present at a demonstration that my school, Inti Ombak Pencak Silat, was putting on as part of an Indonesian cultural exhibition. Immediately before our presentation was a gamelan (traditional Indonesian music) and dance performance. I was set to demonstrate jurus , which […]


A Brand New Muay Thai Gym Is Being Built In Isaan

    MBSB contributor Frances Watthanaya has been busy lately. She and her husband Boom have left Buriram to open a Muay Thai gym in neighbouring Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat). The gym is located in Boom’s hometown (village) in the Muang Yang district.  The village is extremely isolated and lacking the infrastructure common to larger […]