The Nomadic Life

Wat Phanan Choeng Ayutthaya Thailand


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The Beauty Of Sickness. The Grandeur Of Silence.

    One week of illness. The body’s reaction to medication I had mistaken for an antihistamine. Eczema, perhaps psiriosis covered thighs made walking painful. The rubbing caused the affliction to spread, my thighs to bleed. My face. Back. Neck. Hands. Few places were spared.   Then a fever of some genus arrived.   Nineteen […]

The Martial Life


The Perils Of Dating Your Trainer: Don’t Fight Please

  PART 4   FEBRUARY 2014   It’s Saturday night, just a week before my planned trip to Phuket. Gong, my nak muay boyfriend of the last six months, is at the wheel of his beloved Toyota Vios and I’m gazing out the window at the passing lights of Bangkok. We’re cruising down the main […]

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korean female fighter

Confessions Of A Korean Female Fighter

    Female Body Image and Gender Stereotypes in South Korea    "I want to fight."   Those were C's first words to us as she stepped into our gym for the first time sometime last summer. Her words were uttered with an assured certainty and fierce determination. Yet, there was a touch of raw edginess about her, something which I later discovered to be a profound … Continue Reading